E-learning solutions

CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, SQL

I had the chance to go working in Timișoara, Romania for 2×3 months, to work on e-learning solutions for Romanian students; the aim was to teach first-year students how sorting algorithms work with serious gaming.

From a sorting algorithm (written in C), I had to write an interface showing user how the algorithm work step-by-step on a given dataset, and another one where user has to swap data by himself to be sure he understood the way the algorithm work.
I worked on the radix sort algorithm, and a french colleague developed the quicksort one; we also implemented Facebook and Google authentication for the platform.

This demonstration module allows students to understand the radix sort algorithm.

This work resulted in a paper called Towards a generic gamification of sorting algorithms (https://doi.org/10.1109/ISETC.2016.7781075).