In 2017, I decided I needed a website to showcase all my previous work to future recruiters. I came with a one-page version I was pretty much satisfied of:

Sometime in 2019, a recruiter told me that this site was beautiful, but was making his macbook overheat due to the clouds animation.

That’s why I decided a first time to update my portfolio website. I used another static template, still one-pager, except this one allowed you to sort projects:

A few months later, I needed to train on vue:

In 2021, I wanted to learn how to use Wordpress APIs, and more specifically experiment how to create single-page application creation with Wordpress APIs. Heavily inspired by Shiro Games website, I wrote this:

TODO add video

Finally, in July 2022, after talking energy consumption matters with colleagues, I found out that using Wordpress for a static showcase website might be overkill; that’s why I created the website you’re currently reading with Jekyll and the amazing no-style-please theme.