Privacy control center

Android, main operating system of smartphones sold throughout the world, allows its users many actions: phone calls, messages sending, web browsing, applications downloads… The latter are not always respectful of their users privacy, and can learn more information than they ask for thanks to locations: commercial habits, place of living, diseases, political ideas or religious involvement can be mined out of them.

In this context, I developed the Privacy Protection Center, an Android application that has several features:

  • analyse applications access to locations, e.g. show to the user that Facebook accessed his location 18 times in the present day;
  • evaluate the risks for the privacy, reproducing known attacks on users data and displaying what can be deduced from them;
  • activate protection mecanisms as a consequence: the application, acting as a concrete privacy control center, can furnish “safe” locations to applications, in order to guarantee users privacy protection.

More information can be found on the first part of my master’s thesis report1.

screenshots of the privacy control center application